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Update, Tues., Jan. 5, 2010
Datelilne, news flash
Want the TRUTH about Climate Change? Check out a REAL scientist
The Good Ole Days
Who is Christ Jesus
The Blood of Christ
Versions of the Bible
Our Intent
Who We Are
Of Banks, Cars, and Governors
U.S. SOVERIGNTY, treaties, accords, agreements? what diff?

CLICK FOR MUSIC, U.S. Forgotten Heritage

Is The Sun Rising or Setting On Our Great Nation?

   America has always been Strong, because America has always been Good!

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

   The Good. 
   We the People... in order to form a more perfect Union...
   The Living God
   The People
   U.S. Constitution
   The Soverign States
   Elected Federal Servants

Excellent question: Why is it that blood abolishes our sin?
   Rom. 3:23   For ALL have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.
   Rom. 6:23   For the wages of sin is death...
   Hebrews 9:22  ...without sheddng of blood is no remission (of sin).
   Sin is against God Himself.  Trespass is against other persons.  Iniquity is against your children to the 3rd and the 4th generations (Exodus 20:5).
   God the Father has no experiental knowledge of sin, it is totally foreign to His nature.  Even when Christ BECAME sin for us on the cross, the Father turned His face from the only begotten. The relationship was broken for the first time in millions, perhaps billions of years. 
   When, not if, you sin against God, this sin separates you from God.  This broken relationship with God leads to trespass against your neighbors, which leads to broken relationships with your own seed.  You have no annoniting from God to bless your relationships and so all your relationships are cursed (cursed simply means separate from God).  The sin of the fathers is passed to the children (y chromosone defect) to the 3rd and 4th generation.
   Poor persons were allowed to bring to the priest a perfect turtle dove or a pigeon to sacrafice for their sin, the very poor could even bring a grain offering, this bloodless exception did not point to the future shedding of Christ's perfect blood, but poor Jews were taught about the blood as required.  Everyone else had to save up for a year to purchase and present a perfect white lamb, without spot or blemish or any such thing.  All sacrifices had the blood ritually removed, the fat was burned on the altar, certain portions were gifted to the priests and the rest had to be totally consumed by the entire family at the annual passover meal.  They ate it standing and dressed for travel indicating they had no permanent posession on this planet and were waiting for their God to come and take them away to their permanent home. 
   All of this, thru the centuries, was to teach God's Chosen People to be prepared when the REAL passover would walk among them Full Of Grace And Truth, but when He came they rejected Him.  But He was the Lamb Slain From The Foundation Of The World and He completed the salvation of all creation by allowing His blood to be shed in 7 places before and during His sacrificial agony on the cross of calvary.  Before He gave up the ghost on the cross He said "It is finished."  
   Man's sin against God was paid for once and for all time and eternity.  There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit (Rom. 8:1). 

   The Bad.
   Big Brother is watching You!
   Federal Mandates
   Slave States
   Official Banishment of God from all public forums

   The Ugly.
   Over 40 million unborn babies!
   The Holocaust which ended in 1945, snuffed precious life from 6 million jews.  Also, 5 million other minorites. 
   The Never Ending Story of over 1 million unborn babies per year is a Holocaust of Innocents Slaughtered that the world has never seen before. 

Abortion Statistics

Nine Reasons Why Abortions Should Be Illegal


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