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Update, Tues., Jan. 5, 2010
Update, Tues., Jan. 5, 2010
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Wow, lets hear it for Uncle Sam.  He now owns 50%, of American Mortgages.  Yay, Yay!!. 
Uncle Sam has also, finally, decided what to do with Mortgage mega giants Fannie Mae and Freddy Mack.  Who, by the way, made most of the sub-prime mortages that got us into this recession in the first place.  Who also caused us to need the original .8 trillion T.A.R.P fund.  Which, by the way, is a rotating account and always has .8 trillion in it, and also has never spent a single dollar on Toxic Asset Relief.  They keep downloading billions from the TARP for this and that, and keep uploading billions more of your hard earned tax dollars back into it.  BUT...never a dollar for the toxic mortage futures or derivitives originally intended. 
Oops, I digress...what did Uncle Sam finally decide to do with the fine folks at Fannie and Freddy? gonna love this...they gonna treat em just like before!  Ya, really, only now they have a special access to your tax dollar.  They are being awarded UNLIMITED funds.  Shakes head. 
   They will continue as before.  Writing mortgages violating industry standards,  encouraging predatory mortgage lending, and needing more staff and secret practices to dispense with more and more truckloads of tax dollars.  I say secret practices cause even regional ceo's are getting fired when they ask to see where all the tax dollars are going.  Yep, you heard it here.  Believe it or believe it not. 

WOOT!  An interesting side note here.  The powers that be have made a silly mistake again.  Remember when the year 2000 came and everyone celebrated like it was the first year of a new century?  Well...the new century, of course, did not begin till a year later, in 2001, but it was fun anyhow right? Laughs out loud. 
Well...they are doing it again with the new decade.  At least they are consistent.  Chuckles.  Notice the papers and news media talk about the new decade as though it were already here?  Its like a guy giving you 9 pennies for a dime, you kinda silly to give him the dime, right?
Decades and Centuries all begin with 1, not 0.  Sorry, its not my rule, its how to count? Hehe.