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Of Banks, Cars, and Governors

Update, Tues., Jan. 5, 2010
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Of Banks, Cars, and Governors
U.S. SOVERIGNTY, treaties, accords, agreements? what diff?

   I am 63 years old.  The America I once knew is gone.  My children are 37, 33,32, and 31.  The America they knew is disappearing in months instead of years. 
   My America had religeous freedom, respect for parents, safe schools, criminals were treated like criminals and, honest citizens were treated with respect.  Not so today.  RANDOM drug tests, RANDOM police procedures...these indicate an unconstitutional invasion of privacy and no respect for U.S. citizens.  Its political correctness gone amuk.  We treat criminals as though they were Sunday school teachers who just made a mistake.  Since we can no longer target drug users or known law-breakers, we have to suspect and investigate EVERYONE.  That is not American, its Absolutism.  Any people who will give up freedom for security...DO NOT DESERVE EITHER.   Patrick Henry saw a Baptist minister being publicly whipped as a warning to other not preach without a LICENSE!  He went home and penned the now famous words: Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death! 

What? No...never in America!? America.

Due Process?

Mother and 14 old son get DEATH at RUBY RIDGE

Innocent til Proven guilty?

More innocents die

 Despite being personally invited by Koresh as early as July 30, 1992 to inspect the Davidians' weapons (eight months before the raid), and refusing, the ATF pursued a strongly confrontational policy. McClennan County Sheriff Harwell was convinced that if ATF had simply called Koresh, he would have shown at the county courthouse with his lawyer, Wayne Martin.

We are going to take all the weapons." Deputy Police Chief Warren Riley ...

Massive DISARMING of La. Citizenry

Who stood up for lil 14 year old Sammy at Ruby Ridge?
Who stood up for over 20 children at Waco?
Who stood up for "Right to keep and bear arms in New Orleans?"
Who stood up for the Entire Banking Industry of America?
Who stood up for 2 of 3 of America's Premier Automakers?
Who will stand up for YOU?

Update: Sat., Oct. 31, 2009
Our new president has now taken over 31% of America's prime, and private, money making infrastructure.  Understand that they USED to make money.  Now they are run by the Whitehouse.  In all American history no government run entity has ever made a single dollar.  They SPEND, they do not earn or produce anything except DEBT.
   U.S. Medicare and Medicaid programs have an unfunded liability of over 107 TRILLION dollars. 
   NOW our new president wants to take over the Private Health Care Industry (read health care INSURANCE).  This private and moneymaking industry accounts for fully 19 percent of America's annual financial resources.  The public option clause of the Health Care Bill will raise the total of government control of private industry to close to 50%.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND what that means?  If they do NOTHING else.  If they take over no more private money making sectors of America.  THE INCOME OF AMERICA will have been reduced by 50% in just one year, the year of OBOMA. 

Let the WISE beware.   Money is printed by governments.  But, governments DO NOT MAKE money!   Now preacher...what you talking now?
   Farmers, ranchers, timber industry, factory workers, ANYONE who has real goods or real services to perform...THEY make money.  Even banks, so necessary, they just make paperwork and move money around, and keep some of it, they DO NOT MAKE MONEY.   Waitress at your table she makes money, bus driver makes money, boy who cuts your lawn makes money.  
   Goods and services my friend.   Every U.S. dollar was once backed up by gold, too many goods and services today, not enough gold.   But, still, last year the Fed and the Treasury were able to, pretty much, keep the dollars and the goods and services in balance.   Not TODAY, not anymore, not ever again in America.   Last year we talked about billions, this year that is chump change, listen to Fox News closely, it is all TRILLIONS now. 

What? You thought you could buy the U.S. Lending Industry with money we already had?
You thought you could force American automakers to make lil green environmental machines with money we already had?  You thought you could begin the process of BUYING the legislatures in 50 states with money we already had? 

   No, we had to print more TRILLIONS.  At least 2x we found a Trillion EXTRA being printed, no telling how much more.  While we were all glued to news media reports of the BANK STRESS TESTS, the Execuitive Branch was twisting foreign leaders arms for their International monetary reserves (read U.S. dollars).  Example: Red Communist China traded in about 2.6 trillion American green backs.    Other nations, less, but, o how it does add up!
   Now, what pray tell, do you think we gave them in return?  Yens, marks, pound sterling?  I wish we had. 
   When foreign nations held our dollars they had a vested interest in our dollars, right?.  Are you with me so far?   Secretary Geittner is not a hugh fan of our green backs you understand.  He told a group of foreign financial leaders that...yes it probably is a good idea to CONSIDER another currency as the international unit of monetary exchange.  Umm...wait, he is Secretary of the U.S. Treasury right?  I think he has three jobs.  Defend the U.S. Dollar...and, lets see, oh, Defend the U.S. Dollar...and one more job...I think it it to BY GOD DEFEND THE US DOLLAR. 

Ok, lets look at this picture.  Geittner now has all the U.S. Dollars, which he has no confidence in, and doesnt like very much,  and the other nations have something they wanted more?  Hmm, wonder what that could be?  Well...lets see...Italy's Fiat got Chrysler, to gut, or do whatever with. Oh, maybe, since Chrysler is where the Abrams Main Battle Tank is made, just maybe,  Fiat is gonna continue making the Abrams and let the U.S. military have em on the cheap?  Naw, never happen.
The whitehouse got General Motors, 72% for some reason, shakes head, wasteful, I would have wanted common shares cause they give VOTING RIGHTS, oh, ya, Obama did trade the preferred stocks for common during the amazing Bank Stress dog and pony show. 

   What could we have traded for all those TRILLIONS?  What would foreign nations want?  Bill Clinton sold the Red Communist Chinese a former U.S. Naval base on our west coast, could it be another one of those?  Scores of Chinese naval vessels moving in and out of a port on our western border is...Naw, something worth a lot more than that I'm pretty sure.  Clinton was a scoundrel and he played footsy with the Chinese, but, he mostly stayed within U.S. LAW.   This THING being done to America now is humongus, its never been seen before on this great a scale any time before in human history. 
   Ok, lets make a list...if I was going to a FIRE SALE in America...
   Aging infrastructure?  Government Fraud, Waste, Ignorance, more DEBT than all previous U.S. presidents COMBINED?  No thanky, we pass say the VULTURES circling over the Statue of Liberty.  Maybe our manufacturing base? Naw, its been shipped to other countries already.  What is left is under Whitehouse control anyhow, cause, you see,  any corporations that function today, functions on BORROWED money, and the U.S. Lending industry is already bought and sold!  Well that helps right there...anything that operates on borrowed dollars...Insurance, Transportation, Information Sector, Communication, Medical, Technology, Science, even, unfortunately many Faith Based Service Providers...THEY ALL NEED DOLLARS and they are all under one or more of the, now 14 ZARS, unelected Zars, not Secretary of this or Secretary of that, but Zars that are running this country now.   
   What does that leave then...what just sits there and you dont need to spend dollars on it, or keep it up?
   I used to wonder as I traveled to Canada and Mexico and California...what is behind all those FENCES I see everywhere I go?   Miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles.  No towns, no houses, why the fences...?  What are they trying to keep fenced IN all over this country?  It occured to me one day, as I stopped to stretch my legs between the U.S. highway and the FENCE...maybe the States and the U.S. government are not fencing something IN, but maybe fencing SOMEONE OUT?   But...its PUBLIC land right?
Dont they want the public to see it, to walk on it, to plant something on it?  Hmm...I wish I had about 500 acres of the many MILLIONS of unattended acres and acres of Land precious Land that is everywhere in the beautiful nation of America. 
   Wonder how much money I would need to buy, maybe, just 10 acres of the MILLIONS of acres and acres of Land precious Land that is everywhere in the beautiful nation of America...the America I used to know...the America that my children THINK they know.  The America that countless brave soldiers have shed their young blood to protect. 
   It just makes a body wonder now, dont it?

Interesting side note.  I do like to ramble on do I not?  When Barak Hussein Obama...can we use that name now, since the election is over?  America did make their choice already right?
   When our president told Joe the  plumber, we want to "Spread the wealth around," we thought he meant take money from rich Americans and give it to poor Americans right, that is what I thought, at the time.  Was I wrong? What if he meant to give money from ALL American taxpayers to richly deserving people in all OTHER NATIONS?  Maybe that is why no one knows where the money is?   Chief Eexcuitive Officers of mighty corporations testify before congress...they dont KNOW where the money is?  We had T.A.R.P...almost a TRILLION of tarp, no one knows where it went? It was SUPPOSED to purchase toxic assets sitting in U.S. Banks and free the books up so the banks could lend again.  We had STIMULUS, about another TRILLION...where did it go?  We had OMNI-BUS, another TRILLION, where did it go?  Not a single tiny MILLION was used, in all these TRILLIONS to purchase any toxic derivitives or futures on the mortgages of all those banks?  We have 260% more U.S. dollars circulating in the American economy NOW than we had last NOVEMBER?   We still cant purchase ANY bad mortgage papers that ACORN had Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac write up?  Where did the money GO?  Oh, and by the way...why are so many REGIONAL CEOs and board members of ACORN getting FIRED when they ask to see the books?  What is it that NATIONAL Acorn Leaders dont want REGIONAL Acorn leaders to SEE?
   It do make a body wonder, hehe.