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Our Intent

Update, Tues., Jan. 5, 2010
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The Good Ole Days
Who is Christ Jesus
The Blood of Christ
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Our Intent
Who We Are
Of Banks, Cars, and Governors
U.S. SOVERIGNTY, treaties, accords, agreements? what diff?

Our intent is to answer the questions that few modern Americans even know how to ask.  To show that history repeats itself if its not remembered.  To help Americans remember who they are before it's too late.  To begin and continue a dialogue about Separation of Church and State and how it did not exist for most of American history.

 A few Axioms:
   Christianity is not a page in the book of  Democracy, but, Democracy IS a page in the book of Christianity!
   First U.S. public schools were in the Churchhouse and the teacher was the church minister. 
   Christ Jesus got expelled from America's schools.
   America surrendered State's Rights as well as Civil Rights by losing the same war in 1865.  Hint: never been a Civil War in this country.  It was the War Between The States, and why that distinction mattered then and even matters more now.

Money Changers

The Money Changers Christ drove from the temple are today in charge of the world's Multi-national Corporations.

Over 40 million unborn babies!
   The Holocaust which ended in 1945, snuffed precious life from 6 million jews.  Also, 5 million other minorites. 
   The Never Ending Story of over 1 million unborn babies per year is a Holocaust of Innocents Slaughtered that the world has never seen before. 

Ok, let me say this... another way?


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Only America and the American Greenback stands in the way of The One World Government predicted in God's Word.

Countdown:  Roe v Wade 1973.  Biblical testing is 40 days, or weeks or months or years.  Only 4 years remain.  By end of present presidential administration the clock will run out.  What then...will God Forbear?  Will He forgive and forget?   If not, then...what will the result be?  

Man, woman, boy girl, life, death, eternity




Do you know Christ Jesus as your personal saviour?  Repent now, pray without ceasing, flee the wrath to come!

No one knows when our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus returns...but RETURN he will, that is for sure. 
   WIll you be His when He comes, o good and faithful servant?  Or will you cry out for the mountains to fall upon you, as so many others are predicted to do?
   Cry out to him NOW, confess your sin, repent of your disobedience, invite Him into your heart.  Believe, confess, be baptized, and ye shall have Eternal Life.  Acts 2:38 

God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit




Your Choice, given to YOU by God!
dual DNA                        3DNA
creature                          Creator
IS man the                      
of all things?

   Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.  copied

Christ Jesus Loves YOU
KJV Bible, New Testament, book of Romans, chapter 6, verses 3-5