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Update, Tues., Jan. 5, 2010
Datelilne, news flash
Want the TRUTH about Climate Change? Check out a REAL scientist
The Good Ole Days
Who is Christ Jesus
The Blood of Christ
Versions of the Bible
Our Intent
Who We Are
Of Banks, Cars, and Governors
U.S. SOVERIGNTY, treaties, accords, agreements? what diff?


    Jesus Wept
   I Am
   I am the Way
   I am the Truth
   I am the Life
  The Virgin Mary
   Joy Peace Righeousness in the Holy Ghost
   Urgent things are never Important,
   Important things are never Urgent!
      Truth exists.   Truth is existential.  Truth confronts.
      Truth never changes.  Truth cannot be is told or not told, best way to ruin a joke is try to explain it...same with TRUTH.  Explaining Truth is like taking cob-webs and trying to make a cob-web with simply cannot be done!   You cannot take all the cobwebs in the world and make a single cob-web out of it.  You can, of course, call it a cob-web...but, honestly...all you actually have is a hugh sticky mess.   How do I know that you cannot make a cob-web from a cobweb?   It is simple, you cannot make a cob-web out of a cob-web because you are not a spider and only spiders can make cob-webs.  Hehe. 
   Only Jesus is Truth. Only Jesus can make Truth.  Only Jesus Knows Truth.  All Truth comes from Jesus.  All Truth goes back to Jesus.  Truth is a circle made by Christ Jesus.  Truth is spoken by Christ and His words never return void.  They come back to Him exactly like they left Him. 
   When you accept Jesus as your personal savior he draws a circle of Truth around you.  He is at the middle of your circle.  The closer you get to Him the more Truth He will speak to you.  The further from the center of your circle you move, the further you move from Christ an the further you move from Truth. 
   The Bible says, "Every man is a liar, let God be the truth."
   The U.S. Court System is supposed to require witnesses to lay their hand on the Bible and swear (affirm) that they will tell the Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth.  This was once an Inspired procedure, but is no longer enforced. 
   If you dont tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth you used to be telling a lie in a U.S. Courtroom. 
   You cannot tell a lie when you are in Your Circle Of Truth that Christ drew for you.  As long as you continue to tell the truth the whole truth an nothing but the truth Christ continues to draw ever larger circles around you.  Each larger circle will include more and more people to share truth with and to receive truth from.  Truth makes room for itself, truth attracts seekers after truth.  Truth adds and multiplies.  It never subtracts or divides.  Truth builds circles, lies draw lines.  These lies are called Heresy.  The word heresy literally means to divide up over a matter!  Truth includes as many as shall come.  Lines divide people, separate people.  Lines are lies and are heretical.  Lies subtract and divide.  They never add or multiply.  Lies draw lines between people and cause people to choose sides.  Truth circles never exclude anyone.  Lines are always lies and they always exclude, never attract, never add, never bring life.  Truth exists, has substance, energy, occupies space and time.  Truth and lies cannot exist in the same place at the same time.  It is simply a choice you have to make every moment of your life.  Is this statement, this question, this event, this feeling, this it THE TRUTH OF CHRIST or is it a derivitave therof?  Is it the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?  If not then it is a lie that draws lines and divides people, and you must purpose in your mind and heart and spirit to renounce it and give no place to it in your life.  When you lie your circle of truth begins to shrink in upon itslf.  It loses energy, occupies less space. If you continue to lie your truth will be removed and given to another, causing your circle to collapse upon you...its called Backsliding.  Now your circle contains only yourself and all of Christ that is left is a promise planted deep within the garden of your heart that Christ is your saviour, but that is the only truth you have and It may eventually be stolen by the fowls of the air because of neglect lack of watering and poor gardening.    

Yet a genetic replication system is only one component of life, albeit a central one. The essence of life is a network of chemical reactions functioning in a state that is relatively stable yet not in equilibrium and that is open to both inputs and outputs [see “A Simpler Origin for Life,” by Robert Shapiro; Scientific American, June 2007]. A major challenge will therefore be to incorporate the self-replicating molecule in a larger system that carries out other catalytic activity and has a metabolic cycle and to integrate the system with a physical compartment such as a lipid vesicle, forming what some researchers call a “protocell.”

The essence of life is a network of chemical reactions functioning in a state that is relatively stable yet not in equilibrium and that is open to both inputs and outputs.
   copied, Shapiro

   This definition of life appears quite fragile, sporadic, dependant, and temporary.  Chuckles.
   Majr about a life with four essences instead of just one?  We could have Physical...Spiritual...Mental...and Social?
   In the physical we could opt out of the "Old" Dual Helix limitations with a "New" Triple Helix matrix which would give...what? for more genetic information to leave Un-coded?  Oh, I seem to remember modern up to date human babies are currently being manufactured with only 2% of the available genetic material.  What a bummer, perhaps we should look elsewhere for upgrading the species? lol.
   Your Majr