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The Good Ole Days

Update, Tues., Jan. 5, 2010
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The Good Ole Days
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Helix does not live here anymore

   Some say the Good Ole Days were in the Gay '90s.  Automobiles went about 25 miles per hour and were so expensive the dirt roads they traveled on were seldom crowded, hehe.  Children were looked after by everyone in town.  Local school teachers new the children and the parents by name!  No stores were open on Sunday, and this was the only day you had fried chicken for dinner, cause it was so special :).  Dad had one well paying job, or else the whole family worked on the farm.  Well paying means you had enough to buy plenty of groceries, which cost less than a dollar per week for a family of 8, lol.  My Papa was a share cropper in South Georgia, born in 1898, and remembered some of the changes made in the world about that time.
   Some say the Good Ole Days were in the '50s when little had changed except the cars were faster and the roads were paved.  Daddy now had two jobs and mom was looking for a part time job herself.  The bad boys in school said bad words, but never to the teacher.  The really bad boys smoked in the restroom, but tried hard not to get caught. 
   It took one policeman to put four drunks into his patrol car.  If he had to hit anyone it was just part of the job.  TV was for rich people and you only got one chan, with the station so far away the screen was quite snowy.  The local theatre had a Saturday morning  matinee for all the kids in town with lots of cartoons.  Hopalong Cassidy, Cisco Kid, Lone Ranger these were every boys favorites.  Children played mostly outside, barefooted, all over the community, and made their own toys like bow and arrows, boats that floated on the creek, spoke guns, forts in the woods.  At school recess you could play marbles, grub up earthworms, and every boy had a pocket knife!  You could spend hours making things with a good pocket knife. 

Education in Colonial America
...Schools paled in significance, however, compared with the authority of parents and churches. Parents, particularly fathers, were expected to teach children to read, in order to ensure their capacity to read the Bible, before they attended the elementary school, which emphasized the importance of reading, Christian morality, and to a lesser extent numeracy.


SCHOOL: Banning Prayer, Bible, Christ