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U.S. SOVERIGNTY, treaties, accords, agreements? what diff?
Update, Tues., Jan. 5, 2010
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U.S. SOVERIGNTY, treaties, accords, agreements? what diff?

   Yes in the good old days Congress used to make treaties.  BUT, today they dont call em treaties, they call em accords or agreements or ANYTHING else.   Why?  So the U.S. President can sign it and make it into law and bypass 200 years of American history, why else? 
   The upcoming international CLIMATE CHANGE SUMMIT in Copenhagen is where our friends in Europe are going to try to get us to sign away U.S. Soverignty, but, that is ok cause everyone else is gonna sign away their soverignty also, right?  Henry Kissinger said on public television, "We are grooming Barak Oboma to be the leader of the NEW WORLD ORDER."  So for that to happen we ALL have to give up redistribute the wealth, help our poor planet, to stop American wealth and power from ruining the WORLD, right?

Interesting, is it not, that the Global Warming sky is falling crowd, dont call it Global Warming anymore?  They are now the Climate Change sky is falling crowd.
WHY?  Cause any idiot can see that the 3rd planet from Sol is not getting warmer, its getting cooler.  Sorry, they tried to hide that, but it didnt work, so now that its getting cooler, like it did in the 1950s and like it does every few decades, they call it Climate Change, so now, no matter what the normal temperature change cycle we are in, it can sound NEW and AWFUL instead of the same normal planetary temperature cycle that has ALWAYS happened and ALWAYS will, shakes head. 
   When you look at the Climate Change sky is falling chart,  look closer, look to the left.  They draw long ugly lines of temperature change on their scary graphs.  Look closer to the left, look now, be a citizen, check it out, dont just listen to their words, LOOK at the graph, good, now you are thinking for yourself!  Congrats. 
   I suppose you noticed the temperature increments at left of their chart misleading at best?  The ugly lines they draw are broad and big and ugly, but the increments are not in whole degrees as they want you to believe.  They are in FRACTIONS of a single degree.  Sweet. 

But, but, WHY would they DO this?  Hmm...cause they can?  You and I do things cause we are supposed to.  We do things cause it helps our family, our friends, our state, our country.  We work hard to get ahead so our children can have it better than we did. 
   The One World Government People have different motivations than you and I do.  We see our America as the SOLUTION to the problems of the world.  They see U.S. soverignty, the U.S. dollar as the PROBLEM!
   Europe has no soverignty anymore,  most of the world never has had soverignty,  China and Russa DOMINATE their people, the United Nations is used to dominate the rest of the world.  Only one place are people still free,  America.  Few other  people have one or more of the following:  free speech, freedom of religeon, free press, free enterprise, freedom to defend life and limb (read right to keep and bear arms).   NO ONE ELSE has ALL of these, just AMERICANS.  The NEW WORLD ORDER folks are not just in Europe.  They are tirelessly working in Washington D.C.  They are holding seats in the our U.S. Senate and our House of Representatives and the house on Penn. avenue.  Our new president will stop them!  Im certain he will.  Why just look at his voting record on abortion, prayer in the schools, right to keep and bear, free press.  Have you looked at his voting record on these issues?  Its not hard, its a very short record, hehe.  He was Senator Oboma for a couple of years while he campaigned to become president Oboma.  So mostly he either voted ABSENTIA or PRESENT.  Interesting.  The least experienced president elect and the least readable of all congressional records.   Why?  So no one would know what he actually believed about actual issues, why else? 

  • EU offers billions to climate change aid fund
  • BRUSSELS — European Union leaders today pledged to pay their “fair share” into a $74 billion annual fund to help developing nations fight climate change — but didn’t agree on how much Europe would actually contribute. Evironmentalists ...
  • Everett Herald
  • 11 hours ago
  • Ok, today is Fri., Oct. 30, 2009.  They just did a 2 day summit in Brussels, Belgium.  In December they are gonna meet in Copenhagen, Denmark.  They want International authority to umm...influence...the financial institutions of planet Earth to umm...fight the normal, natural cycle of warming and cooling that our planet has always gone thru and always will?   Chuckles,  that sounds funny to me, but I dont know,  they are pretty serious about setting aside an annual amount of 74 Billions of dollars?. 

       They also want authority to tax non-compliant nations at a beginning rate of 2% per year.   Hmm...Im sure our current president would like for us to comply, but he has already said he would tax the American Coal Industry OUT OF EXISTENCE.  Yes, my friends, he said that before he was elected and after he was elected.  Im pretty sure he intends to do that,  but I dont exactly know how he will make it all  work in the dark like that and get it all done.  It will be dark cause almost 50% of U.S. dometic energy comes from...yep, you guessed it, coal, shakes head.  Maybe all our great friends around the world will make an exception for us if we hurry and build all the nuclear, actually, we are helping OTHER nations build nuclear powerplants, but we keep finding excuses to not build them in America.  Its almost like we are purposely trying to remain non-compliant and choose to continue with a high carbon footprint.  We could plant more trees and be much more green, but, we already plant more trees than all other nations combined and no one seems to like us for it or give us any credit for planting while all the other nations continue to slash and burn virgin rain forest and make the world deserts larger and larger. 

    Renowned Scientists' Report does NOT support Kyoto Protocol

    New World Order to control temperature or human freedom? Yep, you guessed it!