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MajrHazzrd: OID 10-22-02; Talbot Anchor Lamp Coupeaux, Elder, Presiding Chief Elder, NID Founding Member, ASM, DSM, Order of Honor, Guild Historian and Journalist, Present Keeper Of The Guild Tag.

Naztar3: OID Classified; Bear Pillar Allerion Acacia Branch; Elder; Chief Elder; NID Founding Member, DSM, ASM, Order of Virtue; Keeper Of The Guild Tag (retired).  Served With Distinction At All Times. 

WinterWolf: OID 02-24-01; Dragon Clarion Enfield Bay Leaves;  Order of Valor, Order of Excellence; Elder, Chief Elder, Preeminent Chief Elder Emeritis, Keeper Of The Guild Tag (retired).  Founder of New NightWatch.

ShadowMaster2: incept classified; Elder; Proxy Chief Elder

Jortiradan: NID Founding Member; Panther Barrulet Fasces Escarbuncle;  Elder; Guild Treasurer Emeritis, Senate President 04-27-04; Awards: DSM, ASM, Order of Eagle 

SilverBullet: NID Founding Member; Centaur Halbert Lance Tree; Journeyman, Master; Presiding Guild Huntsman; Senate Vice President 04-27-04; Treasury Medal, Order of Pheon 

LilEyez: NID 02-26-04;Elder; Guild Mage; Guild Ambassador 04-15-04; Ambassador Embodier; Awards: Order of Excellence, DSM, BCD.  

MizEvil: OID pending (pre-2000); Elder, NID 01-19-05, Greyhound Beacon Harp Laurel, Outstanding Service, Mark of Dignity, Membership Director

Neveah: OID pending (pre-2000); NID 03-21-05, full member,  Elder, Eldar of House of Valor

JuJy: NID 12-31-03; Full Member, Journeyman, Guild Huntsman Embodier;  Guild Mage, Treasury Medal

Gwenevere: NID 12-31-03; Full Member, member in good standing; awards: Guild Huntress, Guild Mage, Treasury Medal

BonRath: Old NightWatch; OID unknown; NightWatch Emeritis; NID 12-21-03; Full Member;*6k; Detached Service, Location Classified

BlackShadow: NID 12-24-03; Full Member, MIA

Trust: NID 05-16-05, full member, Guild Recruiter, Yeouman 

SammyBoy: NID 01-03-04; Full Member, Yeouman, arc/05-21-04

Kedo: NID 04-28-04, full member

Mordrane: NID 05-06-04, full member, Chevron, Bracket 

Sweetlady: NID 5-7-06, full member, Guild Activities Director

Teryn: NID 5-8-06, full member, Special Envoy To Dragons Reborn
Apollyon:  NID 5-20-06, full member, Guild Treasurery Officer
PrincessPaige: NID 6-5-06, full member, Chevron

Charisam: Old NightWatch; OID Classified; NID 01-01-04; Member; Guild Huntress Emeritus; Guild Recruiter Emeritis; *8v; (Detached Service).

EndlessDream: NID 04-28-04, Guild Treasurer Emeritis, Full Member;  Activities Director  Emeritis.

LilMouse: NID 05-14-04, full member

Naketa: NID 05-14-04, full member

Sony: NID 05-27-04, full member, MIA 

Killarri: NID 05-29-05, full member, MIA 

2Raw: NID 06-04-05, member 

Gishum: NID 06-04-05, member

Locke: NID 06-04-05, member

Rad : NID 06-04-05, member

Tourcher: NID 06-04-05, member

Dupris: NID 06-04-05, member

Sigmund: NID 09-14-04, member 
Chikenchowmein: NID 09-14-04, member
Bachelor: NID 02-10-05, member
Abrielle: NID 2-10-05, member
Amarus: NID 4-24-05, member
Rayovac: NID 5-23-05, member
Cuckls: NID 5-23-05, member
LadyGaby: NID 5-23-05, member