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Are you sponsoring a strong hand? Or a weak foot? Hehe.
Will this new aquisition make NightWatch stronger, or just be extra equipment in the storehouse? Lol.
We are always looking for new members, but those new members need to be sponsored by one of our full members. In doing so we have had a lot of folks ask us "What are a sponsor's duties?" Here  is what the sponsor's guidelines are. Make sure you visit Join Us and fill out the application.
1. introduction of the person to the NightWatch Guild
2. making sure the prospective member knows the rules
3. make sure the prospective member has the webpage addy and has visited there
4. make sure that they have the boards addy and have made an acct. and left a message in the new member area
5. make sure you know this person very well and have hunted with them
6. it is the sponsors' responsabilty to guide the prospective member through all these steps