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Who We Are,
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WinterWolf, Naztar3, MajrHazard, all 3 former Heads of NIGHTWATCH, invite YOU to help us make the REALM a better place.

Our Historical Quote:

It is compassion, not fear, that brings harmony to most people. It is harmony, working toward shared goals, that preceeds greatness.


Who We Are:  We are an HONORABLE guild. We love the Realm. We detest, join jump murderers, scammers, hackers, and cheats.

Guild Officers: Officers of NightWatch are here for your assistance. If you have a problem or concern, you may approach any officer. If he or she can not solve it, they WILL find someone who can. No problem is to small or unimportant to seek advice about and you will never be turned away.

NightWatch Members: NightWatch members are expected to respect the people in the guild, and in our allied guilds, as well as the people that play the games we are in. As a MATURE group of players, we are not disruptive to those around us. Not only do we respect the traditions we have established, We respect the freedom this guild allows it's members. We do not tell individuals what they must do or where the must go, but we invite them to join us wherever we are headed. (copied from NW Archives, authors, PW or Xara)

Our Purpose is to organize our efforts toward:

Orienting new players, ensuring a positive influence for as many as possible.

Educating new players to their benefit, via shared knowledge.

Assisting new players in adapting to their new surroundings.

Performing noble deeds which benefit those in need.

Promoting honesty and decency within the Realm.

Making Realm more enjoyable for as many as we affect.

Promoting the principles upon which NightWatch is founded.

The Great PowerWiz
Founder of original NightWatch
   The Great and Mighty PowerWiz was the George Washington of  NightWatch.  PW and LadyTina brought original NightWatch over from Realm 2x.
   PowerWiz, Decisive and Quick, was Master of a more violent time in the history of the Great NightWatch Guild.  Intrique, sedition,  double guild memberships, disrespect, these he would not brook. 
   PowerWiz was The Lawman in a lawless time.  Should you be looking for a fight, you had come to the right place.  Somewhat lilkened to sometimes Lawman Bat Masterson, who was quick to respond to rumors of impending trouble.  Trouble was not something to be avoided, trouble was something to be dealt with immediately.
   Were you so foolish as to speak ill of PowerWiz, his NightWatch, or his friends, PW would not wait for you carry out a threat, you would not have to find him to follow thru on your seditious plans, he would find you, and without delay. 
   Powerwiz was a man of strong passions.  He felt things very deeply.  If he liked you, he liked you very much.  Were you an ally?   He was your defender.  Were you an antagonist?  You had best find another Realm Channel, another Realm Guild.   You would find it very difficult to win a contest with the Great PowerWiz.  Those who lost the contest were unlikely to ever become a friend to PW or NW again.   These were called Enemies...PW had many enemies...NightWatch had few.   
   PowerWiz had many friends and many associates.  Allies in high places.  Eyes and ears throughout the Realm.   There were many persons whom PW took a special interest in.  These persons  were singled out at different times for special training and responsibility in the NightWatch of PowerWiz.  He prepared each of them for the highest responsibility and honor that could be afforded.  Some responded well and advanced, some fell by the wayside. 
   The Legacy of the Great PowerWiz, founder of original NightWatch was in his selection and training of Leadership for his beloved Guild.
   A few were awarded top leadership responsibilites on the High Council Of Elders: Xara, DeathChilde, Andos, MizEvil, Talimas, LadyReign, Archania, Naztar3, Majrhasrd,  WinterWolf, Caustic, LilShimmer, Symian, Vilantra, Twizz.
   A handful were trained as Head of High Council, Assistant Chief Elder, or both.
Xara HoHC, DeathChilde ACE,  Naztar3, WinterWolf, Majrhazard. 
   In the long history of NightWatch only 4 persons have held responsibility for Keeping The Guild Tag.  Only the Chief Elder of NightWatch could make another person the Chief Elder of NightWatch.  Powerwiz took this unusual step 3 times.
To make another person Chief Elder...meant you were steping down as Chief Elder.  He did exactly that three times.  Naztar3, WinterWolf, Majrhazard were, each in turn made Chief Elder of the Great NIghtWatch Guild.
   Who will be next?  Will it be You?  We shall see.

The Mighty WinterWolf
Founder of New NightWatch

A Personal Word From The Mighty WinterWolf
e Okay, coming from an Old NW member <can't remember when he joined, haha it was shortly after Majr I think, Also was Sponsored by DC at the time hahaha!> Man the memories!!! Anywho.Was once just a hunter, then became Ambassador of NW, Then High Council, and then High Elder. Now one of three who shall keep the honor of NightWatch Alive along with all of you fellow members of Guild. This guild is only as strong as it's weakest link, I see no weak links in this chain of friendship :-) Now for my Tipsy Tips!

1) When hunting Kill and Kill some more. then let the youngins get the loot unless ye be poor, then be faster then the youngins and get the loot.
2) After ye hunt head to the nearest Tavern and have a drink!
3) After ye have your drink, then head to RR for some chatting.
4) After ye chat some then head over to the Channel and Tell all of us NW Folks how much fun ye had! <we always like a good story!!>
5) Remember and I think this is the most IMPORTANT Tipsy Tip anyone can give, !!!!!!!!!!!!!HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You all for listening to this old man!!!
(The One and The Only)