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Lammia's appearance also has changed drastically from when she first began til now, Her hair was cut short and changed to a dark brown and she now has a scar on the right side of her face, from killing something, though what she couldnt recall if you asked her. 
   Her home town is small and obscure but a few days after she began her travels the ship took her to the town of Willow Wood, where she quickly travelled to OakMyst Forest and found a love of killing dryads. Eventually she learned their language and found them even more enticing to slay after she understood what they were saying to her. When she travelled eventually to Tundering steppes she found their kin the sirens, the watery fae that even when she passes through at her current level sometimes lose a few of there number in revenge. 
   Her calling as fury was one she never questioned, though it took her longer than most to realize in order to survive, she would have to heavily rely on her root to hold her enemy still while she moved out of their reach. The day she did though, her desire to go out questing increased exponentially. Her favorite ability is a a tie between the abilty to call forth a druid portal and "call of Storms" which is a Highly powerful nuke. She tried her hand at worshipping the Prankster God of Bristlebane, though in actuallity the mini cow type creature was why she wanted the god's favor. Eventually through sheer frustration she denounced him and realized she was better suited for the Father of storms~ Karana, to whom she is fiercely loyal. 
   Lammia will harvest if she has to, but getting her to fish until recently has been near impossible. In fact, only for the Quest Cloak of the Harvester did her skill in fishing rise above novice (120/400). Tradeskilling will be done as well, when she is looking to be productive but is feeling overwhelmed at the many creatures that want to kill her. Which though there are huge amounts of them, does not send her to the tradeskilling area very often. 
   LammiaRL is married to OrshanRL and have been together 5 years this summer. Our son was born Oct 29, 2008



Orshan and Lammia Chatting it up with Queen Antonia Bayle





   Lammia's trek has been a quick one through the ranks of her adventuring experience. She and Orshan both decided on the same day to explore the world of Norrath and both were invited almost immediately into the close knit family of the Rain Dancers. 
   It has been proven time and time again that Lammia could not have gotten as far as she has or as quickly without the help of her friends. Only rarely did she or Orshan decide to go out on their own without one another and many times they would return to the others side with quest that needed to be shared and reward to benefit both.
   Orshan's ability to pack rat proved too much when the day came that they decided to move together. Both left there 1 room apartments in their small home towns and travelled to S.Qeynos to take up residence in a much larger dwelling. Ironically when Lammia had company in her house is when she started going home more often, enjoying opportunity to decorate and being more enticed to go out and complete even more quests, especially ones that yielded home decor.
   And then there were the shinies. By far Lammia's biggest vice. She gets a thrill everytime she finds one casually through adventuring, and has spent more monies then she cares to admit purchasing them off the broker. It was not the turn in of them that gave the euphoria but the completion, a vague difference that even she herself sometimes doesnt understand. 
   Orshan and she were crucial to each others progress, true. But admittedly Orshan would sometimes ignore the experience learned in completing a quest so Lammia would catch up to his more impressioned common sense. He could defeat what she could only barely keep herself alive through and she could nuke what kills would take precious time if he did on his own.
   Now that they are each at their capacity of learning in thier travels they understand that they will be drawn apart more often as perfecting their abilities lead them on different Epic quests and Deity demands. But they are both positive that should need arise they can call on eachother and their guild.
pics to come