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Births and Deaths
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Leapi, O Leapi, O wherefore art though O young Leapi?  You were the October Promise, now, our Promise seems as the Barren Tree of Wintertide.

   Here lies the mortal remains of the world famous Leapi.  
Leapi was well respected among his fellow Rain Dancers.  A young Berzerker full of life.  Some say he was fun, some say he was friendly...others say he was both. 
   We salute you Leapi Lightheart and will remember you leaping about with great joy when occasionally possessed by Gnomes.   Perhaps your demise was just a misunderstanding and the Gnomes who seemed to love you so were only wanting to enjoy your company more and perhaps they held your spirit too close for too long.  Alas, we may never know, don't forget us Lord Leapi, wherever you are, we will not soon forget you.