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   Status Points

   THe Information Officer is pleased to offer you some information on Status Points, lots of it,  and how to get it Easier and Quicker.

   First, the obvious.
   Status Points are not for everyone.  If you are not interested why continue reading this?

   However, perhaps your a member of a guild and want to help yourself and/or your guild obtain rare or expensive items for less? 
   Maybe help your guild gain levels?  Someone has to do it, why not you?

   There are personal attributes in EverQuest 2 that help you define who you are.   Your guild affiliation, the way you treat people, solo and group adventuring dynamics,  harvesting skills, tradeskill choices, personal consignment shop,  race and class, level and AA trees, hometown and alignment, deity choice or lack thereof, to name just a few.   
   Some of the most expensive homes, speed buffs, Fancy Titles,  and equipable items and house items seem out of reach when you have not been long in EQ2.  Not so, they are not out of Your reach, no not al all.   With a little knowledge, and determined, patient effort,  almost everything offered in this game can be yours
   The key is Status Points.

   Most everyone knows doing quests is a good way to gain adventure levels.  City writs are also a good way to gain AP, but also, Status Points as well.  The key is to pick city writs that go well together and allow a quick turn around.  Try to avoid selecting writs that are not in the same area.  Also avoid a writ that takes more time than the others.  Better to do 3 quick writs and turn them in than to waste time on a 4th that just slows the whole process down. 

  How to become the new Rain Dancers Writ Master, hehe.  When you gain adventure level 60, select the 4 writs that take you to Tenebrous Tangle in Kingdom of Sky.  But, watch out, the Qeynos Guards writ is not the first at top of list like the other 3.  Find it BELOW the first selection.  Now, armed with 4 writs for Scaleborn Sentries, head for the first sky-island in TT.  It's the one with the Temple Areas and the Hidden Refuge.  At first, at level 60, its not an easy task to complete the slaughter, but when you kill enough for one writ you have killed enough for all 4 writs.  Cool.  Later, as you level to 64 it gets much easier.  But, remember, dont let your adventure bar fill up and promote you to 65, cause its good bye to the sweet spot, and back to the old job of slowly grinding out writs.  Stay at level 64 till you have 2 or 3 million sp or more, your choice, but once you hit 65 you can never go back again hehe