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Naztar Hall
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WinterWolf Hall
Naztar Hall, virtue
The Legends of Naztar3
MajrHazzrd Hall (In Design Stage Only)
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Naztar Hall, virtue

How do u spell Quest?
Are u sure?
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Congratulations on graduation from WinterWolf Hall.  Your valor is now unquestioned, not by EagleHouse, nor by the great WinterWolf himself. 

Naztar Hall is a Questing Hall.  Here your unquestioned valor will not be enough and/or your Virtue may fail you at any time. We hope not. Here you must successfully complete 3 full Realm Guests.  Are you worthy of these guests? We shall see.
Naztar Hall.  Naztar Hall represents a new challenge,  not only to your heart, but to your mind as well.  Your guests will be carefully chosen, but not easily completed.  Let the Honor of Naztar guide you.  We shall see.


Tips and Cheats
     Virtue is it's own reward.     
    Appreciation must come from ALL who truly know you.  
   Recognition cannot fill any empty heart.  
   Honor, ah yes, honor. Honor knows no father save the personal sacrifice of doing the "Right Thing For The Right Reasons."

The legends of Naztar3

The Legends of Naztar3

Personal message from Naztar3

Today's guest description and comments

The best weapon is a very sharp mind.

Virtue Lodge: Tutorials, Library, meals extra          

Here I'll include any tips that I've learned about how to complete this guest.

Quest Creations

In this area I'll list the authors or developers of my views on Virtue and mention other factors in it's development.

NightWatch Guild Purpose
Our Purpose is to organize our efforts toward:

*Orienting new players, ensuring a positive influence for as many as possible.

*Educating new players to their benefit, via shared knowledge.

*Assisting new players in adapting to their new surroundings.

*Performing noble deeds which benefit those in need.

*Promoting honesty and decency within the Realm.

*Making Realm more enjoyable for as many as we affect.

*Promoting the principles upon which NightWatch is founded.
Your Guest Ratings  (scale 1-10)
Complete guest:
Overall attitude:

Welcome ToNaztar Hall
   So, congratulations.  Your graduation from WinterWolf Hall is admirable.
   You have proven the faith of your sponsor to be well founded.  You have been tested and your VALOR is no longer questioned by Eagle House.  Nor by the Great WinterWolf Himself.

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