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WinterWolf Hall


WinterWolf Hall
Naztar Hall
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Your Journey Begins

Eagle House


WinterWolf Hall
Naztar Hall, virtue
The Legends of Naztar3
MajrHazzrd Hall (In Design Stage Only)
NightWatch pic and animation selection page


Death Before Dishonor. Never Give Up Your Weapon.

WinterWolf Weaponry, apprenticeships, rooms

Welcome To:  WinterWolf Halle
Here you will be tested.  The honor of WinterWolf will be your guide.  You were selected because your sponsor deemed your survival potential to be good.  Not all who enter this hall die, but some do.  We shall see.
   Some may live but never be the same again.  We did not bring you here to see you fail.  We hope your VALOR will not fail you.  If you maintain Valor, then your Virtue may be revealed.  A brave heart does not always indicate a Virtuous mind.  But it may.  We shall see

The Great WinterWolf slew so many Dragons his sword clave to his hand

List of Eagle House Graduates
List of WinterWolf Hall Graduates

e4*Begging, scamming, chronic vulgarities, and other public displays of bad character, are considered conduct unbecoming. This may result in disciplinary actions.


The Great WinterWolf slew so many Dragons his sword clave to his hand






The Great WinterWolf
WinterWolf: OID 02-24-01; Elder; Chief Elder; Preeminent Elder, keeper of the Guild Tag; *1a
*1a As Ambassador in Old NightWatch, Forged Historic Alliance with RK; Asst. Chief Elder; Chief Elder; Awards: Eyes Only
Legends of WinterWolf: 
    WinterWolf is believed to be a Native American Holy Man.  His irl Military Service Record is classified, but he appears to have been deployed to High Risk Areas, and has close ties to the U.S. Navy.   His prowess with edged weapons is amazing and his Valor is unquestioned by those who know him well.  Many have testified         to his ability to snatch Victory from the Jaws of Defeat.  WW has not always utilized his latent spell casting abilities.  He considers cutting and hacking to be the honest warriors first and best choice.  However,  He highly respects Mages.  His weapon is not for sale at any cost.  He will brook no insult, and has personally dispatched numerous naves who behaved in unseemly manner to the fairer gender.   

 Personal message from WinterWolf 
To make this page easy to scan, I might list all the WinterWolf TESTS,  I've reviewed here. Edit

2*NightWatch is an honorable guild and those who attempt to scam other players are immediately removed. We do not kill steal (join jumping). We are powerful enough that we can help others without worrying who gets the loot. When confronted by a player that clearly does not have the same morals or discipline, we are powerful enough to shrug it off and continue on our way.

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