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which one is Majr?


Well said Shan.

We need the balance you present. I also am very pleased to see this discussion taken so seriously by both sides :). This is really a great string, and I hope something good developes from it. Surely we are beginning to better understand each other as we interface with the amazing molrpg called The Realm Online.

I believe many of us conduct ourselves the same in Realm as any other place. An honorable action is an honorable action in any reality. A dishonorable action is a dishonorable action in any reality.

In the "Natural world" consequences of ignoring honor in your lifestyle used to be serious and long lasting. If you were not honorable people would not trust you period. This hurt you and your family and your associates. Valor, Virtue, Honor used to be more than just words in American society. These words used to define who you were to those who knew you, but, more importantly, these words defined who you were to YOURSELF. They still do, but Honor today has fewer sons and daughters, and a generation of unexamined lives has bred poor substitutes called Expediency, Situation Ethics, and If It Feels Good Do It.

Honor is not only about consequences associated with others, honor is also about consequences associated with YOU. When you dishonor yourself, something significant is altered within your psyche. It's a slippery slope and there is little purchase for regaining what you have lost. If it remains lost, something inside you dies and your view of that reality is forever skewed. Dishonor is a one-way street whose grade and tractability degenerate the more you travel thereon.

In the "Cyber world" consequences of ignoring honor in your lifestyle is not as readily apparent. But, it is just as serious and just as long lasting. If you bring honor to the Realm honor will be in the Realm with you. The converse is also true. The damage associated with a dishonorable char in the Realm remains in the Realm infecting others and the Realm itself. And, that is not the bad news. The bad news is that the most relevant damage is to the human psyche/s behind the char/s.

Do not be deceived about reality/s. The reality of the natural world is not the reality of the cyber world, but both are realities. Vulcan axiom: "Nothing Unreal Exists."

Irl, InRealmlife, both are real, both exist. The reality of sleep, dreams, books, VCRs, DvDs, codes of honor, courts of public opinion, all exist and all are real. If your physician expresses upon you her reality that you have six months to live, you will be dead in six months if you dont express a different reality.

Honor is recognized in all realities, honor is promulgated by the marriage of Valor and Virtue. The only midwife is Truth, and the only abortions are performed by Dr. Wuss, Nurse Ho, and Technician Spin.

Your Majr

1k, all intel giant wizzy

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all strength giant warrior, not 1k yet, hehe

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