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Welcome To EagleHouse
Personal Message From The Great WinterWolf
Naztar Hall, VIRTUE
MajrHazzrd Hall, honor
Page Three Title
eLegend Of The Great WinterWolf
eLegend Of The Great Naztar3

e Okay, coming from an Old NW member <can't remember when he joined, haha it was shortly after Majr I think, Also was Sponsored by DC at the time hahaha!> Man the memories!!! Anywho.Was once just a hunter, then became Ambassador of NW, Then High Council, and then High Elder. Now one of three who shall keep the honor of NightWatch Alive along with all of you fellow members of Guild. This guild is only as strong as it's weakest link, I see no weak links in this chain of friendship :-) Now for my Tipsy Tips!

1) When hunting Kill and Kill some more. then let the youngins get the loot unless ye be poor, then be faster then the youngins and get the loot.
2) After ye hunt head to the nearest Tavern and have a drink!
3) After ye have your drink, then head to RR for some chatting.
4) After ye chat some then head over to the Channel and Tell all of us NW Folks how much fun ye had! <we always like a good story!!>
5) Remember and I think this is the most IMPORTANT Tipsy Tip anyone can give, !!!!!!!!!!!!!HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You all for listening to this old man!!!
(The One and The Only)

 Backdoor of WW Armoury