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Welcome To EagleHouse
Naztar Hall, VIRTUE
MajrHazzrd Hall, honor
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eLegend Of The Great WinterWolf
eLegend Of The Great Naztar3

Majr's Page

EagleHouse Apprenticeship Program

Your Journey Begins

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From Eagle House you may access Halls of: Valor, Virtue, Honor


   Eagle House invites young Realmers to seek Valor, Virtue, Honor.
   The sons and daughters of RealmHood have equal opportunity to grow and develop and mature into Aspiring Spirits at Eagle House. 
   Here your Valor will be tested in Desperate Battle.
   Here your Virtue will be refined thru Questing.
   Here your Honor will shine forth as the sun, if, and only if you remain True. 
  Death before Dishonor, defend Virtue, Valor prevails.

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WinterWolf Hall under construction
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    WinterWolf Hall is under construction.  The Tests of Valor should be determined by WinterWolf himself.  A number of such tests could be chosen at random from WW's list, or chosen specifically for each nominee, considering the age and lvl of
each one.

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Naztar Hall under construction
 (See link above to visit Naztar Hall construction site) 
    Naztar hall is under construction,   The Quests of Virtue should be determined by Naztar3 himself)  A number of such quests could be chosen at random from Naztar's List,  or picked by HC for each Electee specifically, considering young age and low lvl of these new apprentices to NightWatch Eagle House.


The Virtuous Woman

Her Price Is Far Above Rubies

Eagle House


(design stage only)
Welcome To:  MajrHazzrd Hall
   The code of Honor has always existed.  It has been re-discovered by each new generation that has aspired to it.  Honor is found only in certain Aspiring Spirits.  Do you aspire to Honor?  We shall see.
   The Sons and Daughters of RealmHood have equal opportunity to grow and develop and mature into such Aspiring Spirits.  They have equal opportunity.  But they are not the same.  Some will aspire to Honor above all else and will stride in its Glory.  But others,  having walked in the shadow of that Glory, will  forever strive AGAINST  the honorable.  Are you a Strider? Or are you a Striver?  We shall see.
 MajrHazzrd Hall is a not a place to learn about HONOR.  It is a place where we occupy your mind, heart, and spirit while YOU discover if you possess Honor or not.  Honor is allways recognized by the Honorable.  Honor is a gift from above to the races below.  Will you choose the Code Duello to live by?   The Code of  Camelot, perhaps?  Will the Honor of King Richard the LionHeart be your life choice?   We shall see.
All good and perfect gifts come from above.  Honor is a gift to the races from above.  But the gifts of the Strivers is not from above.  The Forces of Darkness, Principalities and Powers from below,  these dark entities seek to extinguish the Glory, to defeat the Honorable.  Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.  Choose ye each day whom ye will serve.  Choose ye forever whom ye will
serve. Whom will ye serve? We shall see.



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