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WinterWolf, Naztar3, MajrHazard, all 3 former leaders of Old NightWatch, invite you to help us make REALM a better place.

NightWatch Membership Role
Here is a list of our current NightWatch members:
WinterWolf, Naztar3, MajrHazzrd,
Jortiradan, ShadowMasters, ShadowMasters2,
SilverBullet, Foxe, BonRath, BlackShadow,
BigJoeDirt, Gwenevere, Charisam, SammyBoy

Who We Are
   NightWatch is an honorable guild and those who attempt to scam other players are immediately removed.  We do not kill steal (join jumping). We are powerful enough that we can help others without worrying who gets the loot.  When confronted by a player that clearly does not have the same morals or discipline, we are powerful enough to shrug it off and continue on our way.

Becoming a member of NightWatch

   NightWatch is based on friends adding friends. 
   Working your way up the ladder is simply a matter of trust and accomplishment within the guild.  Those that would like to join within NightWatch must first find a sponsor among our members.  For a member to sponsor someone, the must have adventured with them long enough to consider them a friend.  If ou are interested in getting to know us better, contact a member.  I am sure that anyone within the guild will talk to you.  Sometimes it doesn't work out; our guild is not for everyone.  If you would like to pre-join for NightWatch, send me an email with a brief description of your character concept.




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The Realm

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