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COLORS Even the colors can have special meaning in a "family crest" or coat of arms: 
Gold (Or) Generosity and elevation of the mind
Silver or White (Argent) Peace and sincerity
Red (Gules) Warrior or martyr; Military strength and magnanimity
Blue (Azure) Truth and loyalty
Green (Vert) Hope, joy, and loyalty in love
Black (Sable) Constancy or grief
Purple (Purpure) Royal majesty, sovereignty, and justice
Orange (Tawny or Tenne) Worthy ambition
Maroon (Sanguine or Murray) Patient in battle, and yet victorious

(Popular Ways of Dividing Shields Shown Here)

FURS The mere fact that a shield or crest contains furs suggests a mark of dignity. Usually the fur coat of the weasel is represented.
Ermine White with black spots.
Erminois Gold with black spots.
Ermines Black with white spots.
Pean Black with gold spots.
Vair Blue and white bell-shaped objects.

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Heraldic Lines and Ordinaries:

Nebuly Line Clouds or air
Wavy Line Sea or water
Engrailed Line Earth or land
Invected Line Earth or land
Indented Line Fire
Dancette Line Water
Raguly Line Difficulties that have been encountered
Embattled Line Walls of a fortress or town (also, fire)